Deb Brown: Prediabetes was my wake-up call

With a family history of diabetes, Deb Brown has always been conscious of staying active and eating a healthy diet. She recently found out she was among the 84 million Americans with prediabetes. When she and husband, Milton, moved to Delaware in 2015, Deb slowed down a bit. She noticed she was...

A Healthier Lasagna

Everyone remembers mom's or grandmom's famously delicious homemade lasagna. It was so comforting that it may have put you in a food coma! When your belly calls for comfort food, turn to this healthier version instead! It can be made with or without the meat and will make you feel like you are home...

Chicken Burrito Bowl

When you get that craving for some good Mexican food, avoid the heavy sauces and whip up this healthy burrito bowl at home! Ingredients For the quinoa and chicken burrito bowl, you’ll need: Quinoa Chicken broth Spices (chili powder, cumin, garlic powder) Salt and pepper Chicken breasts Olive oil...

Traveling with Diabetes – Tips to Stay Healthy on the Road or in the Air

Traveling is part of our lives and allows us to visit new places and learn about new cultures. As a diabetic there are extra precautions you should take prior to heading out on the road. Here are some tips to make sure you are ready for your next trip: Make a medication list and talk to your...

What's the best way of eating for people with diabetes?

The number of Americans with diabetes grows each year. There are various types of diabetes or diabetes-related conditions, including type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and prediabetes. Diabetes prevents your body from properly utilizing sugars from foods. The pancreas is the organ that produces...

Keto, Atkins? What’s the Best Diet for People with Diabetes?

Carbohydrates turn into sugar when digested. Fruit and fruit-products contain sugar. Both food groups are areas of concern for people with diabetes who must be careful to monitor their sugar intake. It is because of this that the American Diabetes Association encourages people with diabetes to...

What Can I Eat to Help Control Diabetes Symptoms?

Researchers and doctors have been investigating ways to better control insulin and blood sugar as a way to improve the lives for the hundreds of thousands living with diabetes. Sign up for health tips on the Health Hub! A number of foods have found to be beneficial when added to a healthy diabetic...

How Carbohydrates Affect Blood Sugar

For those living with prediabetes or diagnosed with diabetes, understanding carbohydrates and how to count carbs is really important. Our bodies crave carbohydrates – it is the body’s preferred energy source. While you might hear that people with diabetes should avoid carbs, this is not the case...

Choose Beans to Help Manage Diabetes

Legumes and beans are probably the most common of food. You can find them in pretty much every grocery and they are relatively cheap. You can find them dried or canned. When it comes to using food to better manage your diabetes, beans are a great bet. The best choices are dried beans or low-sodium...

CBD Oil Uses in Palliative Care

Submitted by Katie Johnson, DO, Medical Director of Palliative Care at Beebe

If you are on social media or watch the news, chances are you have heard about the health trend of using CBD oil (cannabadiol) to treat a variety of health concerns. From ADHD to anxiety and chronic pain, it seems many people are turning to this nonpsychoactive oil to improve their health. However...


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