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Cancer Survivors

Beebe Cancer Survivors


John Hayes

John was diagnosed with neck cancer in early 2009, 19 years after his son Michael was diagnosed. Read John's story


Rex Luther

When Rex Luther was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June 2008, his outlook on life changed. "I used to get hyper over every little thing. Now, I don't worry about the little things. I stop and smell the roses." Read Rex's story


Howard Clark

Howard Clark faced his diagnosis of prostate cancer in 2006 just like any other challenge he has faced throughout his life. "It did not change me one bit," he says. Read Howard's story


Liberty Timmons

A diagnosis of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma at age 30 didn't slow down Liberty Timmons of Laurel. In 2006, even as she was going through chemotherapy, she raced her gelding Cutter in the International Barrel Racing Association East Coast finals in Tennessee. Read Liberty's story


Carol Davis

Carol Davis says that her lung cancer was diagnosed by accident in 2005. A chest X-ray taken for a different ailment revealed the tumor. Carol, a 30-year smoker, stopped smoking the day she got the diagnosis. Read Carol's story


Carolyn Spence

Though Carolyn Spence has been a certified nursing assistant at Beebe Medical Center for 14 years, experiencing breast cancer herself changed her relationship with her patients. Read Carolyn's story


John & Adela Gladwell

John and Adela Gladwell were both diagnosed with cancer in 2003. It was an experience that turned their lives upside down, but it also brought them closer together. Read John & Adela's story


Mary Jenson

When she was under treatment for breast cancer eight years ago, her friends did so much for her, she recalls. "It made me more spiritual, appreciate life more, and appreciate my friends for what they did for me." Read Mary's story


Sophie Ivko

Sophie Ivko, who has survived breast cancer for nearly a decade, says she has focused on putting the cancer behind her and has concentrated on enjoying her family and her friends. Read Sophie's story


Daniel Stoeckel

It was a decade ago when Daniel Stoeckel was diagnosed with myloid leukemia. He was 32 and married with a 5-year-old daughter. "I didn't expect it. I was active and fit. I never felt bad for myself, but I wanted to live for my daughter." Read Daniel's story


Nancy Grimm

Nancy Grimm was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in 1999, a difficult diagnosis for most people to face. Read Nancy's story


Arline Simpson

It has been nearly 12 years since Arline was diagnosed with breast cancer, yet she regularly visits Tunnell Cancer Center as a volunteer. Read Arline's story