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Cancer Survivors

Armeta Scott

Armeta Scott and her husband, Othello, had been married to each other and then divorced when they were young. In 2004, 39 years after the divorce, they remarried.

"It was like we had never been apart," she recalls. In April 2007, as the couple was enjoying their rekindled relationship, Armeta was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"Othello and I worked well together," she says, "He helped me stay upbeat. He sat in the chair beside me during chemo. He was wonderful throughout the treatments."

Armeta refused to let the cancer get her down; and when she learned that she would start losing her hair from the chemotherapy, she decided to do something about it.

"I held a hair-cutting party," she recalls. "I wasn't going to have my hair falling out in clumps. So, I shaved it all off. I didn’t wear wigs or scarves. I proudly wore my bald head."

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