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Carol Davis Lung Cancer Survivor

Carol Davis says that her lung cancer was diagnosed by accident in 2005. A chest X-ray taken for a different ailment revealed the tumor. Carol, a 30-year smoker, stopped smoking the day she got the diagnosis.

"Some people say they'll never stop. Not me." With an early diagnosis, she was treated with chemotherapy and radiation, and she is now closing in on her fifth year of being cancer free. "We should feel fortunate for what we have," she says. "Like sunrises over the ocean."

Carol dotes on her three grandchildren, Vaughn, 5, Brayden, 2, and Khloe, 3 months. She finds that her two black labs, Moe and Joe, stick by her side. "You don't want to burden your family. And when the dogs look at you, you know they love you."

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