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Cancer Survivors 2012

Daisey Mae Wright
Breast Cancer Survivor

The same passion drives breast cancer survivors Daisey Mae Wright and Ann Athas—to make sure that every woman is educated about breast cancer, that every woman will get a mammogram, and in the event of a positive diagnosis that every woman will receive treatment in an early stage to improve her chance for survival.

Ann Athas is the event coordinator for the Tunnell Cancer Center’s Sharing Our Stories, Saving Our Sisters (SOS²) initiative, made possible by a grant from the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Philadelphia affiliate.

Daisey Mae is a volunteer lay navigator, one of a group of women who go out to speak to women in the community.

"Women listen to me because they know what I am talking about because I’ve had breast cancer," says Daisey Mae.

Ann agrees, adding, "Daisey is always ready to volunteer when we need someone."

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