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Cancer Survivors 2012

Georgiana Bratten and Laura Beckett
Breast Cancer Survivors

Georgiana Bratten of Harbeson and Laura Beckett of Frankford have two things in common: a spiritually based relationship with Tunnell Cancer Center clinical care assistant Gina Knapp, and an unquestioning belief in the Lord.

Georgiana and Gina both attend Mount Zion Holy Church in Milton. Laura is a member of the Antioch AME Church in Frankford, which each summer hosts an annual, 11-day camp meeting where people share in prayer and sing old Gospel songs. Gina has attended for years, also getting to know Laura.

Gina reacquainted herself with both women while they were being treated at Tunnell Cancer Center. “I didn’t want to deal with it,” says Georgiana, “with the cancer I mean. And I couldn’t concentrate at first. But through prayer I have hope that everything will work out.” And she has spiritual support as well.

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