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Cancer Survivors 2012

JoAnne Loving and Susan Hobbs

Breast Cancer Survivors

Susan Hobbs and Joanne Loving were both mothers with young children when they were diagnosed with cancer in September 2010.

As part of their healing process, they attended a cancer retreat led by Judith Ramirez, EdD, Manager of Psychosocial Services and Outreach at Tunnell Cancer Center.

Judith’s focus at the retreat is to have the women develop selfawareness and hope as they move through their healing process.

They meandered through Lewes, taking photographs, writing about them, and later creating personal collages.

Ordinary scenes created heightened awareness and reminded the women of their journey and of hope. "Everyday things tell a story and remind us of our journey," Judith explains. "We were able to capture moments, to stop and to be," Joanne says.

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