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Cancer Survivors 2012

Courtney McWilliams
Breast Cancer Survivor

They were two couples, watching the Baltimore Ravens on a television set at the American Legion on Route 24. Courtney McWilliams and Barbara Leilich commented to each other about a play. Then, feeling at ease with each other, they started talking about cancer, discovering a deeper bond, which has supported the growing friendship between the couples.

Courtney was a four-year breast cancer survivor when they met.

She recalled the warmth and caring environment of Tunnell Cancer Center. "They treat you like a guest. And, there are good huggers there, too," she says. Barbara had always worked in healthcare before she and her husband retired to Delaware’s coastal area. She had signed on to volunteer at Tunnell Cancer Center, but Courtney’s encouraging words prompted her to accept a position as a staff member. And she’s a good hugger, too.

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