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Cancer Survivors 2012

Pat Staby
Lung Cancer Survivor

Oncology nurse Suzanne Vazzano, RN, OCN, enjoys art and is especially fond of the pillows that Pat Staby makes at the Lewes studio she shares with her husband and artist Steve Rogers.

When Suzanne learned that Pat was one of her patients, a connection formed.

“Though I believe that every single one of my patients is wonderful, sometimes you meet someone and there is a symbiotic relationship,” says Suzanne, a nurse at Tunnell Cancer Center. “And, I had coveted her pillows.”

Pat enjoyed talking to Suzanne and found it comforting to have someone to turn to when she began her chemotherapy sessions. It made the treatment a little easier and added to the warm, family environment that she had discovered at Tunnell.

Eventually, at Suzanne’s request, Pat made a pillow depicting her own dogs—complete with scarves on their necks and drinking hot cocoa!

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