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Cancer Survivors 2012

Jerry Sklar and Harvey Rodgville
Pancreatic Cancer Survivor and Blood Problem Patient

Jerry Sklar has a contagious sense of humor and always a positive attitude. To meet him one would never know that he is being treated at Tunnell Cancer Center for pancreatic cancer. Harvey Rodgville, who is being treated for a blood problem at Tunnell, exudes a similar positive attitude.

Both men have remarked that Tunnell nurse phlebotomist Linda Wright, LPN, has a magic touch when it comes to finding a vein. Linda, who is a member of the Nanticoke tribe, holds a strong spiritual belief that comes through to her patients and is exemplified in the silver Native American jewelry she makes.

Jerry says that his wife was motivated to take a jewelry-making course after meeting Linda. And, Harvey adds, “It is so beautiful that I had to buy something for my wife.”

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