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Cancer Survivors 2012

John Corsey
Lymphoma Survivor

For John Corsey, it is cheering for the Phillies when a batter hits a home run that energizes his spirit, or a quick-thinking interception that moves the Eagles toward the end zone that elicits an encouraging shout. And, it is oncology nurse Deb Crowell’s shared devotion to Philadelphia teams and an unrivaled commitment to her patients that has brought the two of them together to hold back his cancer.

Deb, jokingly calling herself “Nurse Ratched,” brings a smile to John’s face as she greets him with a hearty “high-five.” She finds DVDs for him to watch during his chemotherapy treatments and makes sure that he is comfortable.

They share smiles and the same energy that surrounds a winning play.

John’s mom Sally Corsey, noting the struggles John has faced since the brain injury he sustained years before, says, “She gets him to laugh, and that has made the treatments easier for him.”

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