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Cancer Survivors 2012

Keni-Joy Walters-Clark
Breast Cancer Survivor

There is something magical about seeing the sleek body of a newly waxed Corvette, hearing the revving of its powerful engine, and knowing that a true American sports car commands attention wherever it goes.

Keni-Joy Walters-Clark and oncology nurse Lori Koyanagi, RN, OCN, can officially be described as Corvette owners and enthusiasts. Keni-Joy restores them and works on their engines. Lori enjoys them.

They both go to car shows with their husbands, wandering along from one car to the next. They drive their respective Corvettes in parades, too, listening to the oohs and aahs of the crowd.

It was the love of Corvettes that created a bond between the two women when Keni-Joy was being treated at Tunnell Cancer Center. “It wasn’t just being in for appointments,” she recalls. “It made me happy and lifted my spirits to share our stories.”

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