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Debbie Lau

Debbie Lau did not expect to meet the man who would be her caregiver when she started taking Tai Chi lessons a few years ago in Camden, Delaware. But the physical and mental strength she learned from her teacher, Dr. Ming Lau, as she studied Tai Chi has helped her fight her breast cancer while he stayed by her side.

"He has been there for me," she says of Ming, who she married in November 2008. "He went to every chemo treatment and all my doctor visits."

Ming got her hiking and climbing in Shenandoah National Park even as she was doing her chemother-apy and radiation.

"There wasn't time to feel sick," Debbie says, adding that her prognosis is good. "I have to be strong for my two young sons, who I love very much."

"It's hard to be young with breast cancer." Debbie says that Clare Wilson at the Tunnell Cancer Center introduced her to a couple of other young women with cancer. "We have become good friends and are able to support one another. It has been so helpful."

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