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Cancer Survivors

Richard McElwee

Richard and Doris McElwee have gone through life together with a positive attitude. "We are blessed with what we have," Doris says. "We are blessed with a close family." Three years ago their children gave them a 50th wedding anniversary that was attended by 140 guests. They said their vows in church and had a reception.

"It was better than a wedding because everyone there was a dear friend, and both our daughters and their families were there."

When Richard was diagnosed in September 2007 with the rare skin cancer merkel cell carcinoma and then told that it had spread, both Richard and Doris were determined to stay with what the physicians at Tunnell Cancer Center advised them to do, and to remain positive.

"We are still active at our church, Conley's Chapel," Doris says. "And we keep up with our friends and neighbors in Pot Nets Bayside."

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