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EFFECTIVE  JANUARY 1, 2013, Attention:  Applicants, Contractors, Travelers, and Consultants

Beebe Healthcare mission is to make Sussex County the healthiest county in Delaware.  Beebe wants to continue to promote the health and wellness of our community and our team members. 

With that in mind, Beebe Healthcare (including Beebe Medical Group) will no longer hire applicants (including contractors, travelers, consultants) who use tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars and chewing or smokeless tobacco starting with job offers dated January 1, 2013 and after. 

Applicants will be screened for nicotine as part of the pre-employment physical process.  Nicotine will be part of the urine drug screen.  Applicants who test positive for nicotine will not be offered employment.  Applicants who test positive may re-apply for jobs with Beebe in six months, but must go through the pre-employment process again, including screening for nicotine.