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DocTalk Radio Show


If you missed an episode, catch up below with the recent podcasts:

Catch the latest DocTalk radio broadcast online:

DocTalk, 9-30-17 (Dermatology, Dr. Cuozzo)

DocTalk, 9-23-17 (Beebe Medical Foundation)

DocTalk, 9-16-17 (Pediatric Neurology, Dr. Nicole Ryan)

DocTalk, 9-9-17 (Medical Oncology, Dr. Desai)

DocTalk, 9-2-17 (Dr. M. Lisa Attebery, General Surgeon, Breast Surgery Oncology)

DocTalk, 8-26-17 (Bariatric Surgery, Dr. Sofronski)

DocTalk, 8-19-17 (Ear, Nose, & Throat (ENT) and Audiology)

DocTalk, 8-12-17 (Physical Rehabilitation Services)

DocTalk, 8-5-17 (Audiology, Dr. Jeanne Davison)

DocTalk, 7-29-17 (Pulmonary/Critical Care - Dr. Ercilia Arias)

DocTalk, 7-22-17 (Gastroenterology - Dr. Harry Anagnostakos)

DocTalk, 7-8-17 (Ornish)

DocTalk, 6-24-17 (Diabetes Management)

DocTalk, 6-17-17 (Beebe Medical Foundation)

DocTalk, 6-10-17 (Wellness Centers - school-based)

DocTalk, 6-3-17 (Dr. Portz and Bonnie Cunningham, Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine)

DocTalk, 5-27-17 (Dr. Nicole Ryan, pediatric neurologist)

DocTalk, 5-20-17 (Dr. Nisarg Desai, medical oncologist)

DocTalk, 5-13-17 (Dr. Lisa Attebery, surgeon)

DocTalk, 5-6-17 (Dr. Sean Ryan, vascular surgeon)

DocTalk, 4-29-17 (Dr. Dan Cuozzo, dermatologist)

DocTalk, 4-15-17 (Dr. Elder, Dr. Quercetti - Beebe ENT, Dr. Jean Davison - Beebe Audiology)

DocTalk, 4-8-17 (Dr. Mike Sofronski - General Surgery and Bariatric Surgery)

DocTalk, 4-1-17 (Joan Thomas, VP of Clinical and Ambulatory Services at Beebe, Maggie Kniele, Beebe Home Care Services)

DocTalk, 3-25-17 (Dr. Harry Anagnostakos, Beebe Gastroenterology)

DocTalk, 3-18-17 (Dr. Ercilia Arias, Beebe Pulmonary and Sleep Disorders)

DocTalk, 3-4-17 (Dr. Daniel Cuozzo, Beebe Dermatology)

DocTalk, 2-25-17 (Volunteer Services)

DocTalk, 2-18-17 (Ornish Lifestyle Medicine)

DocTalk, 2-11-17 (Vascular Surgery)

DocTalk, 2-4-17 (Dr. Nicole Ryan, pediatric neurologist - replay)