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This information has been compiled by Beebe Healthcare from various sources, including Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Delaware Division of Public Health. Please note that COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving situation so the information is subject to change.

Beebe is proud to provide quality care in a safe environment for our community. We thank you for trusting us to care for you and your family.

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If you are coming to a Beebe location for an appointment or scheduled procedure, here is what you can expect:​

  • Everyone should wear a mask or face covering​
  • You can expect to be asked COVID-19 screening questions, such as whether you have been sick or been around others who might be sick​
  • You can expect to have your temperature taken ​
  • You can expect to see Plexiglas dividers at some stations and visual cues on the floor to encourage physical distancing​

Continued visitor restrictions are in place. If you are coming in for a procedure where you will be under anesthesia, the person driving you will remain in the car or in the waiting area, depending on the location of your procedure. Directions will be given during pre-registration.

Those admitted to the hospital will continue to not have visitors, except in special situations. Your surgery team will inform you of what to expect in your specific situation.

Thank you for using the Beebe Healthcare COVID-19 Screening & Education App.