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Request An Outpatient Appointment

Thank you for choosing Beebe Healthcare for your outpatient services needs. 

Schedule An Appointment FAST:
Call (302) 645-FAST (3278)

Please do not use either of these forms to request test results. For test results: Contact the Health Information Management Department (formerly Medical Records) and speak to someone about your request. They can be reached at (302) 645-3281 or (302) 645-3100 ext. 5454.

Beebe Healthcare's outpatient scheduling representatives are happy to coordinate an outpatient appointment for you in the following departments:

  • Lab Express - no appointment required for routine bloodwork and EKG tests
  • Imaging (Radiology) - no appointment required for routine X-rays
  • Cardiac and Vascular testing
  • Pulmonary/Respiratory Services and EEG
  • Vascular Services
  • Diabetes and Nutrition Education
  • Physical Therapy, Occuptational Therapy and Speech Pathology 

To request an appointment. please fill out the form below or call Central Scheduling at (302) 645-FAST(3278). Please note emails are typically responded to or forwarded to the appropriate person during normal business hours, Monday - Friday. Central Scheduling is open Mondays through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Fridays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Central Scheduling provides physicians’ offices and patients with a simplified and coordinated method to schedule outpatient services. Patients are scheduled and pre-registered for all services before arriving at the service location on the day of their appointment. The following services can be scheduled through Pre-Arrival Services:

• CT/CTA Scans
• MRI/MRA—Revo Pacemaker
• Ultrasounds
• Mammograms
• Stereotactic Biopsies
• Bone Density
• Nuclear Medicine
• Mammography Needle Loc Biopsies
• Fluoroscopy

• Plain Stress Tests
• Echo
• Tilt Table
• Nuclear Stress—Cardiolite, Lexiscan & Stress Echo
• ZIO Patch/Event Card Cardiac Monitor

• Cardiac Catheterizations
• Pacemaker
• Generator Changes
• TEE with Cardioversion
• ICD—Defibrillator Implant
• Cardioversions, Loop Recorders
• EP Studies

• EEG—Sleep Deprived
• EEG—Routine
• EEG—Spike Analysis
• EEG—Sleep/Awake

• HMD Newborn Screening
• Newborn Repeat Hearing Test
• Semen Analysis

Diabetes Management

• Evaluation and Management

Diabetes Self-Management Training
• Initial Education • Follow-up Education

Medical Nutrition
• Initial MNT • Follow-up MNT

Specialty Education
• Injection
• Carbohydrate Counting
• Insulin Pump
• Chronic Renal Disease
• Healthy Eating & Disease Prevention
(Self-Pay–Not Covered by Insurance) for Obesity,
Hyperlipidemia and Diabetes Prevention
• Diabetes in Pregnancy

• Complete PFTs
• Thoracentesis
• Flutter Valve Teaching
• Bronchoscopy
• Bronchoscopy with C-Arm
• Bronchoscopy with Fluoroscopy
• Desaturation Study Exercise
• Max Inspiratory/Expiratory Pressure
• Pre and Post Spirometry
• Noctural Oximetry
• Incentive Spirometry
• Trach Change
• Pre and Post DLCO
• Pentamadine Treatment
• Screening Spirometry
• Methacholine Challenge

Evaluation appointments for Rehabilitation Services to include:
• Physical Therapy
• Occupational Therapy
• Speech and Language Pathology
• Lymphedema Management
• Modified Barium Swallow

• Carotid Duplex
• Visceral Exam, Renal, Mesenteric, and Portal Vein

Venous Exams
• Lower and Upper Extremity
• Vein Mapping
• Photoplethysmography (PPG)
• Lower Extremity VDS with Reflux

Arterial Exams
• LE Pulse Volume Recording
• LEPVR/with Exercise
• LEPVR with Foot and Toes
• Ankle Screen
• Upper Extremity PVR
• Upper Extremity PVR with Digits
• Thoracic Outlet Survey
• Vasospasm Testing
• Vasculogenic Impotence Exam
• Femoral Artery Ultrasound and Popliteal Ultrasound
• Graft Patency Duplex
• Arterial Duplex Lower Extremity
• Arterial Duplex Upper Extremity
• Hemodialysis Access

To make an appointment with a physician affiliated with Beebe Healthcare, please call the individual physician's office. You will find a listing of physicians and contact information at Find a Doctor (Physician Directory).

Click here to view the full Beebe Healthcare Phone Directory.

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