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Beebe a Top Performer in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality

Beebe Healthcare was recently recognized as a top performer when it comes to providing inclusive and equitable care for LGBTQ patients, visitors, and employees.

The efforts to continue making Beebe Healthcare a safe and inclusive organization are led by the Inclusion and Diversity team.

The team reviews the standards set in the Healthcare Equality Index Survey, an annual survey administered by Human Rights Campaign (HRC) to highlight healthcare systems across the nation who have met the criteria. Participating in this annual survey helps Beebe learn best practices for LGBTQ equity and inclusion, while helping the community find LBGTQ-friendly healthcare services.

The survey uses five criteria to score healthcare organizations. The top performer honor means Beebe has LGBTQ-inclusive policies and procedures, including non-discrimination and staff training, patient services and support, employee benefits, community engagement, and is actively involved in the responsible citizenship of promoting LGBTQ equality and patient care.

Each year, Beebe works to improve and adapt as healthcare and patient and family needs evolve.

“Beebe and its team members understand that healthcare is always advancing and that the needs our patients and the people close to them will change,” said Tara Simpson, a leader on the Diversity and Inclusion team and part of Beebe Healthcare’s Organization Development. “Our Diversity and Inclusion team is made up of a variety of team members from all parts of the organization like patient experience, Beebe Medical Group, physicians, executive staff, population health, human resources, marketing, and Beebe Medical Foundation to ensure that Beebe’s changes are in the full scope of care for the community and staff.”

The Diversity and Inclusion team focused on improving patient care policy wording, employee involvement, and community event involvement in 2019.

Beebe’s website has a page dedicated to LGBTQ services and partnered with CAMP Rehoboth to share the message. Click here to view that page.

“Having a great partner like CAMP Rehoboth in the community makes these improvements so much easier,” Simpson said. “It’s so wonderful to have that contact because when they hear of needs in the community, it’s nice to know that they will pick up the phone, and we can work together to make sure those needs are met.”

In the community, Beebe leadership participated in World AIDS Day with CAMP Rehoboth, which hosted a candlelight walk and a service. Beebe’s Population Health department also offers free screenings and many CAMP Rehoboth events, including the recent AIDS Walk in October.

“We’ve been thrilled with our partnership with Beebe for a long time,” said Murray Archibald, Interim Executive Director and Co-founder of CAMP Rehoboth. “My first memories of working with Beebe go all the way back the early days of the AIDS epidemic. From Sundance, health fairs, or support for CAMP Rehoboth events and programs, Beebe is there for us. The flu shots and health screenings Beebe provides at CAMP Rehoboth are very popular, and people appreciate seeing the valuable local organizations they depend on working together to build strong, safe, and healthy communities. Beebe works hard to be proactive when it comes to providing inclusive healthcare.”

Caption: Members of Beebe Healthcare’s Diversity and Inclusion team pose for a photo. Standing left to right, (front row) Linda Yekenchik, Cheryl Graf, Colleen Endicott, (middle) Dan Mapes, Tara Simpson, Alison Duncan, Catherine Walls, (back) Jeannie Wallo, and Amanda Neal.

Not pictured: Steve Rhone, Christina Deidesheimer, Loretta Ostroski, Andrea Hanna, Catherine Murphy, Alina Ferrar, Barbara Moulinier, and Jan Gibson-Gerrity.