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Beebe Believer: Sean Ryan, MD


Vascular surgeon Sean Ryan, MD, began his career with Beebe Healthcare three years ago, joining the esteemed Dr. Mayer Katz at his practice, Beebe Vascular. Dr. Ryan says he was drawn to vascular surgery because of its complexity and the opportunity to develop long-term relationships with his patients, who are often grateful to reclaim a sense of normalcy.

“When we get a good result in vascular surgery, people regain their functional status and their quality of life that they’ve been missing out on, oftentimes for a long while,” Dr. Ryan said.

Although Dr. Katz has retired, Dr. Ryan and fellow vascular surgeons Carlos Neves, MD, and Kevin Caldwell, MD, are Creating the Next Generation of Care by seeing patients throughout Sussex County for both Beebe Vascular and the Beebe Vein Center.

Dr. Ryan says he is grateful to practice with Beebe, in this area.

“I believe in Beebe because it creates a great sense of community for the people who live here year-round and who vacation here,” he said.

Dr. Ryan is also looking forward to the completion of the new hybrid operating room at Beebe Healthcare’s Margaret H. Rollins Lewes Campus. The hybrid OR will offer complex imaging equipment allowing surgeons to have real-time access and visibility of peripheral arteries within the body while they are working to repair or bypass blockages.

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