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Lynn Brannon finds strength, support with Beebe HealthyBack

Like many of us, Lynn Brannon’s job requires her to sit at a desk most of the day. After years working as a medical coder for Beebe Healthcare, Lynn found she had regular back and hip pain. When she transitioned to working from home, Lynn decided she had had enough of her ongoing pain. She wanted to do something about it.

As a Beebe Healthcare team member, Lynn knew about the option to go to Beebe HealthyBack, a non-surgical program for the treatment of back and neck pain, which is now part of Beebe Physical Rehabilitation Services.

“Many people told me how great the program was and how it really helped them, so I decided to give it a try,” Lynn recalls. “Right from the beginning, I could tell that it wasn’t just a gym.”

Lynn had been to gyms before to try to improve her health. She often found them to be isolating places where people worked out in silence. In other cases, she found them to be places where only the fittest gathered to do heavy lifting.

“I’m not a body-builder and I am not that familiar with all the machines, but at Beebe HealthyBack it didn’t matter,” Lynn said. “They wanted to treat me – where I am – and to help me reach my goals. It was such a supportive atmosphere. That’s what made the difference.”

When Lynn started going to HealthyBack last year, she knew some of her issues. “I knew I had to move more, I knew I needed to lose weight; I just didn’t know where to start,” she said.

Fast-forward to 10 months later and Lynn has lost 23 pounds and gained confidence about her health. “It’s amazing to notice how much better I feel already. I know I still have a long way to go, but I also am confident I can get there.”

Lynn completed the 20-week Beebe HealthyBack program and is now in the Wellness phase. She goes to the gym three times each week and does exercises at home during her work breaks on the days when she doesn’t go to the gym.

“I am still amazed every time I walk into the gym about how different it is from other gyms. The people are very nice. They want to talk to you and help you. The other patients and I have really built up a rapport and we enjoy chatting as we go about our exercises,” Lynn said. “It’s really a social atmosphere and it’s bright and airy. While I walk on the treadmill, I enjoy looking out the window.”

Lynn has worked with Jake Murray and Raylen Williams, two health coaches with the HealthyBack and Wellness programs, located in Georgetown.

“Jake and Raylen are so supportive of me as an individual,” Lynn said. “They focus on what I can do and where I want to be. Raylen talks to me about relaxation and mindfulness so that I can relax on the days I feel I’m not at my best. We talk about starting each day with intention and being mindful of what we eat and how active we are. It’s really helped me in all aspects of my life.”

Lynn’s husband, David, also completed the HealthyBack program. They both have experienced great results and are now making lifestyle changes to keep improving their health. With less pain, they have been able to continue enjoying crabbing and fishing. In addition, because of her weight loss, Lynn has been able to stop taking her blood pressure medicine.

“I definitely notice that my back pain is gone. Others have noticed the weight loss,” she said, recalling visiting her adult children in Florida in September. “When I walked in my daughter immediately noticed that I had lost weight.”

Lynn’s goal is to lose 70 pounds and she plans to continue going to the Wellness program. “The way I feel and the happiness I feel when I am working out – it just makes it all worth it. Every day when I don’t feel like going to the gym, I may have to make myself get there, but once I am there, I am happy and excited to take this step for my own health. It’s so important to be active as we age because it really reduces the problems and the joint issues we will have down the road.”

“I encourage anyone with ongoing pain to go to HealthyBack. It is so worth it and I know the program could help so many people out there who live with pain each day. This program works. It’s working for me and I know it could work for you too,” she said.

Beebe HealthyBack is a comprehensive treatment program for patients who suffer from back and neck pain. Unlike other treatment programs, Beebe HealthyBack does not use needles, drugs, or surgery, and those who complete treatment report significant increases in function and quality of life and decreases in pain. For more information on Beebe HealthyBack, call (302) 217-3000 or go to

Caption: Lynn Brannon with Raylen Williams: Lynn Brannon does strengthening exercises with Raylen Williams, health coach with Beebe Healthcare.