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Ron Drosdzal: I'm the Luckiest Person Alive.


Ron Drosdzal tells people he’s the luckiest person alive.

And he means it. After suffering multiple strokes, Ron says the doctors at Beebe Healthcare’s Emergency Room and Vascular program saved his life.

It put everything into perspective, Ron says. Beebe gave him a second chance and he’s taking it. Ron goes for walks every day. He golfs more. He holds the vacation time with his family, or traveling to March Madness basketball games very dear to him.

“I was in a life-and-death situation and I had to act upon it,” Ron says. “I was very fortunate to have a hospital like Beebe that took care of it. It was just the total package.”

It started off as a normal November day when Ron felt his left side go numb. After two aspirins, he began to feel better and went to the gym near his Bethany Beach restaurant, Armand’s Pizzeria & Grille.

After a few spins on the elliptical, he still didn’t feel right, and his sister took him to the hospital.

Ron didn’t know it yet, but a piece of plaque had broken off from the carotid artery and traveled to his brain, causing the stroke.

Dr. Abraham Scheer, Beebe’s Medical Director of Neurology and Stroke Services, took care of Ron in the Emergency Department.

“Dr. Scheer, he was excellent,” Ron says.

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The choice to stay, and an “incredible” team

It was clear that Ron would have to stay the night. Dr. Scheer stayed in communication throughout the night to reassure Ron. In the morning, Ron would meet with Beebe Vascular and the team who would provide the surgical care that Ron needed.

Ron met with Dr. Mayer Katz (now retired) and the vascular team. They answered all of his questions. Ron wanted to stay at Beebe, despite his friend’s suggestion of going to a bigger hospital.

“I’ve never met doctors – Dr. Scheer and Dr. Katz – who were so incredible,” Ron said. “The follow-through with the vascular was just amazing. To see how much they work to explain everything and how they enjoy what they do. These doctors could be at any major hospital anywhere in the country. They are so talented and we are so lucky to have them here at Beebe Healthcare.”


“We have a great asset down the shore and that’s Beebe Healthcare”

Ron’s story was not over. After he underwent a right carotid endarterectomy, and a night in the ICU, he was discharged. It was later that afternoon he felt his left side go numb again.Dr. Scheer was waiting in the Emergency Department when he arrived.

“The care I got from Dr. Scheer, the vascular surgery team, and the Beebe team there – they were spot on with everything they did,” Ron says. "They got to know me and I could tell how much they cared about my recovery.

Meet the vascular team.

Ron, who splits his time between Bethany Beach and Washington, D.C., wanted to do something to show his gratitude for the care he received, so he hosted an event at his restaurant, Armand's, to raise funds for Beebe's South Coastal Health Campus, which is under construction on Route 17 near Millville. The new campus will include a freestanding emergency department and a second location for Beebe's cancer center.

“The whole team at Beebe was tremendous,” Ron says. “They’re at looking into bringing some of the newest technology here and having some of the best doctors. It gives you an added confidence that if something happens, I know I’ll be taken care of.

“Moral of the story is, we have a great asset here down the shore and that’s Beebe Healthcare.”


Beebe’s Advanced Primary Stroke Center

As a certified Advanced Primary Stroke Center, Beebe Healthcare is recognized by emergency medical personnel as a hospital of choice in a stroke emergency. Beebe has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® and the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s Heart-Check mark for Advanced Certification for Primary Stroke Centers. The Gold Seal of Approval® and the Heart-Check mark represent symbols of quality from their respective organizations.

The Joint Commission evaluates compliance with stroke-related standards and requirements, including program management, the delivery of clinical care, and performance improvement. “Beebe Healthcare has thoroughly demonstrated the greatest level of commitment to the care of stroke patients through its Advanced Certification for Primary Stroke Centers,” said Patrick Phelan, interim executive director, Hospital Business Development, The Joint Commission. “We commend Beebe Healthcare for becoming a leader in stroke care, potentially providing a higher standard of service for stroke patients in its community.”


Celebrate Excellent Care

As a community-owned, not-for-profit healthcare system, Beebe continues to depend on the generous support of individuals, corporations, businesses, and private foundations. All gifts, large or small, to Beebe Healthcare, are tax deductible and are channeled through Beebe Medical Foundation. Please consider making a gift today and share your amazing stories with our community. To make your proud personal donation or to learn more about Celebrate Excellent Care, go online to or contact the Beebe Medical Foundation at (302) 644-2900 or write to [email protected].


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