Healthcare Equality Index

The Healthcare Equality Index (HEI) is the national LGBT benchmarking tool that evaluates healthcare facilities’ policies and practices related to the equity and inclusion of their LGBT patients, visitors and employees. In 2016, Beebe Healthcare was named a Leader in Healthcare Equality. In 2016, 496 healthcare facilities met all of the Core Four criteria for LGBT patient-centered. care. For more information and to view the list of Leaders, click here.

The Healthcare Equality Index (HEI) asks healthcare organizations whether they meet four foundational criteria for LGBT patient-centered care known as the “Core Four.” The annual HEI report indicates, for each rated organization, which of the Core Four criteria were met. Organizations that meet all Core Four criteria are awarded the status of “Leader in LGBT Healthcare Equality.”

The Core Four

Patient Non-Discrimination

a. Patient non-discrimination policy (or patients' bill of rights) includes the term "sexual orientation" and the term "gender identity"
b. LGBT-inclusive patient non-discrimination policy is communicated to patients in at least two documented ways AND is communicated to staff

Equal Visitation
a. Visitation policy explicitly grants equal visitation to LGBT patients and their visitors
b. Equal visitation policy is communicated to patients in at least two documented ways AND is communicated to staff

Employment Non-Discrimination
a. Employment non-discrimination policy (or equal employment opportunity policy) includes the term “sexual orientation” and the term "gender identity"

b. Employment non-discrimination policy is communicated to the public in at least one documented way

Training in LGBT Patient-Centered Care
a. Staff receive training in LGBT patient-centered care (HRC offers free, expert online training to staff at all levels)
b. All staff involved in patient care services must be informed of the free LGBT training opportunities available through the HEI

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LGBTQ Resources at Beebe Healthcare

Beebe Healthcare provides many healthcare services and resources to the individuals living in, working in, and visiting Sussex County, Delaware. In this context, Beebe inclusively serves the LGBTQ community as well, known for many years as a trusted healthcare partner.

Many of the services and programs offered by Beebe Healthcare are listed in the menu on the left of this page and every page on the Beebe Healthcare website. You are welcome to review the services and programs and contact Beebe for further information. On specific areas of the website, you will find direct contact information. In the top menu, you will also find a dropdown menu “Contact Us” that will allow you to fill out a webform/email to send in. And never hesitate to call Beebe Healthcare at (302) 645-3300.


LGBTQ Resources in Southern Delaware

One that Beebe Healthcare partners with for health screenings, health fairs, and a wide range of health services is Camp Rehoboth, our local resource and organization for the LGBTQ Community. Camp Rehoboth seeks to promote community well-being on all levels; to foster the development of community groups; to develop community space; to promote human and civil rights; to work against prejudice and discrimination; to lessen tensions among the community at large; and to help foster the economic growth of the area. Visit Camp Rehoboth at Beebe has provided services to Camp Rehoboth constituents such as flu shot clinics serving over 200 individuals each year, annual health screenings and educational sessions. Beebe has been a proud supporter of the organization for more than 10 years.

Medical and clinical resources available to the LGBTQ Community in Southern Delaware are diverse.

Additional online LGBTQ health and wellbeing resources include: