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In 1997, Beebe Healthcare established the Department of Integrative Health, which specializes in the integration of conventional medicine and alternative health practices. Integrative Health provides complementary and alternative education and services to inpatients, outpatients, community organizations, and healthcare professionals. Emphasis is on the concept of wellness, with a focus on prevention, disease management, and rehabilitation through lifestyle modification, stress and pain management, and education. The staff and medical director work in conjunction with conventional medical treatments and practitioners.


The goals of Integrative Health are to combine complementary and alternative medicine with conventional care:

  • To promote wellness and prevention through healthy living
  • To increase awareness and understanding of alternative and complementary medicine
  • To offer additional methods to aid prevention and healing
  • To offer public and professional education and resource services
Resources for Integrative Medicine
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Department of Integrative Health Phone: (302) 645-3528

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