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Interventional Treatment & Heart Surgery

Interventional Treatment & Heart Surgery

Advanced heart-care treatment has recently been added to the Beebe program, completing the continuum of cardiovascular services available at Beebe.

In a cardiac emergency, or when diagnostics and monitoring indicate a patient problem requiring interventional care, the Beebe Cardiac Team is ready to respond with advanced cardiac treatment in the form of:

Coronary Angioplasty Stent Implantation Open-Heart Surgery

Interventional Care

Of these three types of procedures, the first two—known as Interventional Care—are preferable. When they are appropriate to the patient's condition, they are far less invasive than heart surgery.

Dr. Stephanie GoodwinInterventional cardiology is a medical specialty that uses catheter-based angioplasties and stents to unblock clogged arteries—even in emergency situations.

Beebe has brought together a team of highly skilled, experienced cardiac interventionalists to provide coronary angioplasty and stent implantation treatments.

Distinguished cardiologist Dr. Stephanie Goodwin serves as Medical Director of the Beebe Interventional and Invasive Cardiology program. Before coming to Beebe, Dr. Goodwin spent more than 10 years in cardiology and in hospital leadership positions. Most recently, she helped establish a similar program at Community Hospital in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Heart Surgery

The purpose of open-heart surgery is typically to bypass clogged or damaged arteries, to replace or repair valves, or to treat some other malformation or abnormal cardiac condition.

Open-heart surgical procedures, like coronary artery bypass surgery, valve repair, and replacement surgeries, are now available at Beebe Medical Center.

When surgical treatment is required, experienced heart surgeons provide advanced treatment in Beebe's state-of-the-art, fully equipped operating rooms.

Following surgery, patients are removed to comfortable, hi-tech critical care unit facilities outfitted with the latest in leading-edge monitoring equipment to assure a full and safe recovery. Dr. GarziaDistinguished heart surgeon Dr. Fernando Garzia serves as Medical Director of the Beebe Cardiac Surgery program. With over 14 years of experience, Dr. Garzia is well known for helping to establish a similar program at a hospital in Pennsylvania, now widely considered as one of the nation's top hospitals for heart care and heart surgery.

To help bring heart surgery to the Beebe community, Beebe has affiliated with Christiana Care Health System. The entire Beebe staff is proud to be a part of the effort that has brought life-saving heart surgery to southern Delaware, right here at Beebe Medical Center.

Beebe's New SPY™ Technology Makes Heart Surgery Safer

SPY MonitorBeebe Medical Center has recently introduced advanced Intra-operative Imaging technology that actually illuminates the heart vessels for inspection during surgery.

Using the new SPY™ Intra-operative Imaging System, Beebe surgeons are able to see the quality of the bypasses performed on your heart before leaving the operating room. This vital information can potentially reduce or eliminate complications and make for an improved, safer operation for cardiac patients.

Beebe Medical Center is among the few hospitals in America providing such advanced technology.

Heart surgeons will no longer have to wait months after surgery to see if a problem develops. Instead, they can visually validate their work immediately before the patient leaves the operating room.

To learn more about the SPY™ Imaging System, click here.