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The diploma in professional nursing is awarded at the completion of the nursing curriculum. This qualifies the graduate to be eligible to take the Registered Nurse NCLEX licensure exam.

The O*NET website code for Registered Nurses is (29-1141-00). O*NET (Occupational Information Network)

The O*NET program is the nation's primary source of occupational information. To search the O*NET website the terminology "Registered Nurses" needs to be entered in the Education or Occupational options.

Federal regulations require all postsecondary institutions to provide students and prospective students with information on completion and placement rates, licensure, student loan debt information, and campus crime statistics.

The information for the School of Nursing at Beebe Healthcare is as follows:

  • Class of 2019 on-time completion rate: 64%
  • Class of 2019 graduation rate: 64%
  • Class of 2019 demographics:  95% female; 5% male / 57% white; 14% black; 10% hispanic/latino; 19% multi-racial
  • Class of 2019 job placement rate: 100%
  • 2019 Title IV Median Student Loan Debt: $20,000
  • 2018 Title IV Median Student Loan Debt:  $13,193.00
  • Private Loan Debt:  $0

NCLEX Pass Rates:

  • School of Nursing Class of 2019 – 100%
  • State of Delaware - 92.74%
  • National – 88.07%

Campus crime statistics for the School of Nursing are available at:

Institutional Characteristics as well as Enrollment Data for the School of Nursing can be found at this link:

A paper copy is available upon request.

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