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Beacon Pediatrics sponsors 100th Anniversary Children’s Book Artwork Project at Beebe Healthcare

Check out the Captain’s Crew Café, located in the Lewes campus of Beebe Healthcare, and you’ll find colorful illustrations from the Beebe’s Big Birthday children’s book framed and hung on the wall. The book was created as part of Beebe’s 100th anniversary festivities throughout 2016.

Those colorful illustrations also can be seen in several other places in the hospital, including in the Women’s and Children’s wing. Beacon Pediatrics, with offices at the Beebe Health Campus in Rehoboth Beach, covered the cost for the illustrations to be matted and framed.

“We are so grateful to Beacon Pediatrics for their generous gift. The timing was perfect as we have been working to create a warm and inviting environment for our Women and Children’s unit. The colorful illustrations are the perfect addition to this unit. They are both feminine and playful at the same time!” said Bridget Buckaloo, MSN, RNC-OB, Executive Director of Women’s Health. “The book itself is so well done; it is nice that we can bring its happy message into Beebe.”

Nancy Gideon, MD, of Beacon Pediatrics, was on hand to officially present the illustrations to the hospital, and specifically to the Women’s and Children’s Wing. “The nice thing is that they tell the history of Beebe and help children understand what goes on in a hospital so that hopefully they will not be afraid when they are here.”

The children’s book is for sale at $10 and is available in both English and Spanish at the Beebe Gift Shop in the hospital or online at

Caption: Beacon Pediatrics sponsored a project to have the illustrations from the Beebe’s Big Birthday children’s book matted and framed and hung throughout the hospital. Pictured here is Dr. Gideon of Beacon Pediatrics with staff members of the Women’s and Children Wing and representatives from the Beebe Medical Foundation. Left to right: Shanna Andes RN, Tom Protack, Vice President of Beebe Medical Foundation; Judy Aliquo, President and CEO of Beebe Medical Foundation; Dr. Nancy Gideon; Kadeisha Custis CNA; Laura Holloway NNP; Bridget Buckaloo, MSN, RNC-OB, Executive Director of Women’s Health; and Mary Koyanagi RN.

Caption: Dr. Nancy Gideon stands in a hallway in Beebe Healthcare’s Women’s and Children’s Wing where several framed illustrations from Beebe’s Big Birthday children’s book are displayed.