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Beebe Concludes 100th Anniversary Events With Unveiling of Time Capsule Plaque

Beebe Healthcare 100th Anniversary committee members and Beebe team members gathered on the front lawn of the Medical Center in Lewes Monday, November 21, to unveil the new time capsule plaque.

Earlier this month, workers removed the sidewalk in front of the historic Shaw building to bury a time capsule full of information about Beebe’s 100-year-history. The sidewalk was then replaced with a plaque inserted stating that the time capsule would be uncovered 100 years from now – in 2116.

“It has been a wonderful year and we got to learn a lot about Beebe’s history,” said the Honorable William Swain Lee, Chairman of the Beebe Board of Directors. Events were held throughout 2016 to celebrate the 100th Anniversary, including the 100th Anniversary Cookbook, History Coffee Table Book, and DVD, Rock Your Life community seminar series, multiple appearances at parades, the Flash Mob performance in Bethany Beach in April, the 100th Year Beebe Ball, and more. To purchase 100th Anniversary items, go to

“We will continue to do the things that Richard and James Beebe wanted us to do here at Beebe,” said Jeffrey M. Fried, FACHE, President and CEO of Beebe Healthcare. “We will continue their legacy and continue to plan for the future of healthcare in our community.”

The event recognized all the members of the 100th Anniversary Steering Committee, the 100th Anniversary Committee Chairs Janet B. McCarty and Christine Moore, the 100th Anniversary Coordinator Leanne Prosser, and the hundreds of Beebe team members and volunteers who made all of the events possible.

“The Doctors Beebe would be proud of how we celebrated this centennial and how we celebrated it together,” Janet McCarty said.

Shown during the unveiling of the Time Capsule plaque (left to right) are The Honorable William Swain Lee, Chairman of the Beebe Board of Directors; Judy Aliquo, Beebe Medical Foundation President and CEO; Mary Green, Marketing & Communications Coordinator; Leanne Prosser, 100th Anniversary Coordinator; Tara Simpson, 100th Anniversary Committee Member; Christine Moore, 100th Anniversary Co-chairwoman; Janet B. McCarty, 100th Anniversary Co-chairwoman and member of the Beebe Board of Directors; Jeannie Briley Wallo, 100th Anniversary Committee Member and Director of Patient Experience at Beebe; Tom Protack, Beebe Medical Foundation Director of Development; Kelly Griffin, Director of Marketing & Communications; Lynn Wilkins, 100th Anniversary History Committee Co-chairwoman; Jean Winstead, 100th Anniversary History Committee Co-chairwoman; Gerry Smith, 100th Anniversary Time Capsule Committee Chairman; Nina Hazzard, Beebe family member and 100th Anniversary Committee Member; and Dan Mapes, 100th Anniversary Committee Member and Director of Diagnostic Imaging at Beebe.