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Beebe Healthcare Announces Garage Restoration Project


Starting Monday, March 1, Beebe Healthcare will begin a three-month restoration project on its parking garage located on the west side of the campus near the main entrance. 

The project will be done in levels to lessen and disruption of parking for patients and guests. 

Beginning March 1, the roof level and level four is estimated to be closed until May 7 for the bulk of the project.

Level three will be closed from April 19 until May 21

Level two will be closed from April 26 to May 28.

Level one will be closed from May 24-28.

The ground level will be closed until May 24 to June 4. 

Traffic control in the garage for the various levels will be done by the Beebe Security in addition to the contractor performing the restoration work. Both will assist visitor and patients to the correct level of the garage to park. 

Beebe also offers valet service at our main entrance right before entrance to the garage. Proper infection prevention protocols are active for the safety of patients, visitors, and valet team members. For more information: