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Beebe Healthcare Announces New Digital Visitor Management System

In an effort to improve safety and ensure patients can be seen by the visitors of their choice, Beebe Healthcare is transitioning to a new computer-based visitor management system at Beebe Medical Center in Lewes.

Called Fast-Pass, the new system will replace paper log books with a real-time record of visitors. This will allow security staff to quickly ascertain who is in the building at any given time, improving their response to emergencies and security threats.

Most visitors should notice few changes. They will still be asked to present photo identification to Guest Relations staff. The identification will be scanned by a computer and returned to them along with a printed sticker.

The printed sticker will include their name and destination along with the floor of the department they’re visiting, which will help staff members guide them to the correct place.

Visitors who do not have photo identification will be asked for permission to be photographed.

Repeat visitors will enjoy an expedited procedure, as team members will be able to type the person’s name into the system and print out a pass that reflects their most recent visit.

“We are excited to bring this cutting-edge technology to Beebe, and we are looking forward to a speedier and safer system for visitors and patients,” said Manager of Public Safety and Security Frank Molino.

Just as patients have a right to be seen by the visitors they choose, they can ask that certain people not be allowed to see them. The new system will improve the ability of staff to screen out unwanted visitors. If such a visitor is entered into the system, a warning will appear to alert staff.

“Moving to a digital system for managing visitors helps us maintain a safe environment that protects our patients, visitors and staff,” said Sue Thiele, Manager of Guest Relations. “We know that patients who can see visitors of their choice feel better and recover more quickly.”