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Beebe Healthcare Awards Richard Giorgilli with L.O.V.E. Letter Award

Richard Giorgilli wins LOVE Letter

Beebe Healthcare is proud to recognize Richard Giorgilli as the February recipient of the Living Our Values Every Day (L.O.V.E.) Letter Award. Richard, Patient Services Representative at Beebe Gastroenterology, which provides ambulatory care, was recognized for going above and beyond for a patient.

The patient arrived for her appointment via taxi and thought the driver would wait for her, but when she completed her appointment around 6:30 p.m., the taxi was gone.

“Although the office was closing, Richard volunteered to sit with the patient in our office until the taxi arrived which ended up being 8 p.m.,” Cheryl Wilkerson and Margaret Coulter wrote in Richard’s L.O.V.E. Letter. “Richard went above and beyond for this patient and we wanted to thank him for his unselfishness on the cold winter evening. He displayed amazing teamwork and kept the patient safe and warm.”

Richard demonstrates many of the Beebe values, including “achieve amazing accomplishments through exceptional teamwork,” and “build trusting relationships with compassion and kindness.” Congratulations, Richard!
Photo caption: Richard Giorgilli (second from right), Patient Services Representative at Beebe Gastroenterology, is the recipient of Beebe’s February L.O.V.E. Letter. Also pictured from left to right are Steven Clayton, Director of Operations, Beebe Medical Group; Margaret Coulter, Practice Manager, Beebe Gastroenterology; and Rick Schaffner, Interim CEO, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer.

Beebe Healthcare’s L.O.V.E. Letter Recognition Program is similar to an employee of the month program. Team members are encouraged to send L.O.V.E. notes to other team members during the course of the month. A committee then evaluates the L.O.V.E. notes and selects one to receive the monthly L.O.V.E. Letter. Winners are announced in a surprise ceremony in which the committee visits the winner in his or her department and presents the award.  Employees selected for the award receive:
•    Parking space in the parking garage for one month
•    $100 gift card donated by Fred and Lyndie Hertrich
•    100 points toward Beebe L.O.V.E. Notes Merchandise
•    100th Anniversary History Book: Two Men With a Dream: The Story of Beebe Healthcare
•    Letter of congratulations and personal visit from members of the executive team
•    Their photo added to the L.O.V.E. Letter wall plaque 
•    Letter to team member’s director and department recognition