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Beebe Healthcare Awards Shawna Mayles with L.O.V.E. Letter Award for March

Shawna Mayles and Rick Schaffer


Beebe Healthcare is proud to recognize Shawna Mayles as the March recipient of the Living Our Values Every Day (L.O.V.E.) Letter Award.

Shawna, a behavioral health nurse coordinator at Beebe, had team members recognize her for “persistence, dedication, and compassion” that resulted in a patient finding the facility they needed for their complex medical needs. As the patient was getting into the transport vehicle heading to the facility, he looked at Shawna and said, “You saved my life, thank you!”   

The team wrote: “Your relentless desire to provide exceptional care exemplifies our Beebe Values and is breaking down barriers allowing our patients access to care and improving the well-being of our community. You touch the lives of so many and inspire all of us.”

Photo caption: Shawna Mayles, RN, behavioral health nurse coordinator, is the recipient of Beebe’s March L.O.V.E. Letter. Also pictured is Rick Schaffner, RN, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer.

Team members are awarded for following the Beebe Values:


  • Do what it takes to keep everyone safe
  • Do it right the first time, every time
  • Treat each individual with respect and dignity
  • Build trusting relationships with compassion and kindness
  • Listen carefully-have the courage to communicate honestly and effectively
  • Achieve amazing accomplishments through exceptional teamwork
  • Act with passion and love for others to make a difference
  • Dedicate yourself to being an expert in your field: always learning, always growing.

Beebe Healthcare’s L.O.V.E. Letter Recognition Program is similar to an employee of the month program. Team members are encouraged to send L.O.V.E. notes to other team members during the course of the month. A committee then evaluates the L.O.V.E. notes and selects one to receive the monthly L.O.V.E. Letter. Winners are announced in a surprise ceremony in which the committee visits the winner in his or her department and presents the award.  Employees selected for the award receive:

  • Parking space in the parking garage for one month
  • $100 gift card donated by Fred and Lyndie Hertrich
  • 100 points toward Beebe L.O.V.E. Notes Merchandise
  • 100th Anniversary History Book: Two Men With a Dream: The Story of Beebe Healthcare
  • Letter of congratulations and personal visit from members of the executive team
  • Their photo added to the L.O.V.E. Letter wall plaque
  • Letter to team member’s director and department recognition