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Beebe Healthcare Celebrates Nearly 100,000 Kudos as Schell Brothers’ Project Kudos Campaign Donates $96,796 

Chris Schell, Owner and CEO, Schell Brothers; Dr. David Tam, President & CEO, Beebe Healthcare; Tom Protack, President, Beebe Medical Foundation; Preston Schell, Owner, Schell Brothers.


During the first month of 2021, Beebe Healthcare team members felt the love and kudos from the community as thousands thanked healthcare workers through Project Kudos powered by Schell Brothers.

In total, 96,796 kudos were given via social media. Each kudos represented a $1 dollar donation from Schell Brothers to Beebe Healthcare through Beebe Medical Foundation. 

“I was excited for this project when it was first brought to Beebe because of the morale boost it would supply for our team members who have tirelessly worked through this pandemic,” said David A. Tam, MD, MBA, FACHE, President & CEO, Beebe Healthcare. “I was still completely blown away by the support of the Schell Brothers’ team, our community, and the Beebe team members who shared kudos all month long. It also gave all of our Beebe team members a voice to recognize one another.”

Additionally, the Project Kudos team thanked Beebe team members who embraced the project. These “Power Users” went above and beyond to comment, share, and give kudos to make the campaign a success. 115 team members received a swag bag that included a gift card to a local restaurant, a Schell beach towel, a gratitude journal, and other Schell goodies, along with flowers from Styled. 

“Everyone has stepped up during this pandemic to support their local, not-for-profit healthcare system, but this really was a fantastic way to show our team members how much they are appreciated,” said Tom Protack, President, Beebe Medical Foundation. “What a wonderful program this is for everyone. A special kudos to Amy Popovich, who organized the Foundation’s efforts. We are so grateful to our community and fellow civic organizations for the support and compassion they’ve shown us. We are truly all in this together.”

More than 20,000 kudos were given during the final weekend.

CEO Chris Schell commented, “When we launched Kudos for a Cause, we were excited at the prospect of its dual purpose: to spread positivity, and to support our local nonprofits. The January launch of this project has been incredible, and we are thrilled to support Beebe in this manner.”

In January 2020, Schell Brothers started the Kudos for a Cause Campaign. Each month they partner with a different charity to help spread happiness and raise money for a non-profit organization. Schell Brothers is harnessing the power of social media to make people feel awesome by doing good.

“We spend so much time on social media daily, let’s do it with a purpose. We are challenging all the members of our community to show gratitude by giving KUDOS. It can change lives for better,” said Adelina Riddick, Marketing Specialist Schell Brothers & Project Kudos Rep.

Kudos for a Cause continues in February with The Rosa Health Center.  Their collaboration will provide funds for much-needed diapers all across Sussex County. 

Schell Brothers Director of Marketing, Alyssa Titus reflects, “the huge success in January is setting the framework for the future. Kudos for a Cause allows us to provide funds for the community and it also extends our mission of happiness. We see the positive effects of kudos internally daily at Schell Brothers. We love when our community shares in the positivity.”

Caption: From left to right, Chris Schell, Owner and CEO, Schell Brothers; Dr. David Tam, President & CEO, Beebe Healthcare; Tom Protack, President, Beebe Medical Foundation; Preston Schell, Owner, Schell Brothers.