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Beebe Healthcare, DPH to host Healthy Living Workshops for Those with Chronic Diseases

Beebe Healthcare and the Delaware Division of Public Health are teaming up to host a series of healthy living workshops aimed to provide education and resources for those living with chronic disease.

The two current locations (more to be added in the future) for Delaware Chronic Condition Self-Management Program workshops are:

The program is ideal for those living with anxiety, asthma, blood pressure, COPD, depression, emphysema, heart or kidney disease, obesity, and other physical and mental conditions.

The workshops will teach participants how to:

  • Prevent or delay health complications
  • Deal with frustration, fatigue, pain, and isolation
  • Perform appropriate exercises to maintain and improve strength, flexibility, and endurance
  • Communicate effectively with health professionals and others
  • Understand the value of nutrition in your health.

For more information or to sign up for a workshop, call Beebe Population Health at (302) 645-3337.