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Beebe Healthcare Honored as Compassionate Champion by Governor, First Lady

Beebe Compassionate Champion
Caption: Beebe’s Kim Blanch, RN, Dr. David Tam, Angela Scott, RN, Dr. John Rodis, Marcy Jack, JD, Shawna Mayles, RN, Monica Scott, RN, and Dr. Bill Chasanov (far right), accept the Compassionate Champion Award from First Lady Tracey Quillen Carney and Gov. John Carney. Photo courtesy of the Governor’s Office. ​​

Beebe Healthcare representatives were on hand June 14 as the healthcare system was recognized by Gov. John Carney and First Lady Tracey Quillen Carney as a Compassionate Champion. 

The Compassionate Champion Awards recognize individuals, organizations, and educational institutions across the State of Delaware that provide trauma-informed services.

“I’m so proud of Beebe Healthcare for taking on this educational task during a challenging time,” said David A. Tam, MD, MBA, CPHE, FACHE, President & CEO, Beebe Healthcare. “COVID-19 has brought trauma in all forms to the forefront, including primary, secondary, and vicarious experiences. We’ve witnessed it in our patients, their loved ones, our community members, and our staff. In conjunction with our efforts to create physical safety, COVID also highlighted the need to create a sense of psychological safety.

“Much needed and important conversations pertaining to mental well-being are now taking place in mainstream channels, helping to reduce the stigma around trauma and mental health.”

In 2020, Beebe embarked on becoming a trauma-informed organization through a series of initiatives. Beebe incorporated educational sessions into their 2021 annual mandatory trainings for all team members thanks to an educational module created by Dr. Deb Berke from Wilmington University and Trauma Matters Delaware, our valuable partners in this initiative

This focused on building awareness around trauma, how it can potentially impact health and wellness, and how this awareness reinforces and enhances Beebe’s existing compassionate, patient-centric culture. This first phase of education also included specialized training for our Trauma-Informed Guides, clinical and non-clinical team members from numerous departments who stepped forward to serve as role models and resources for their departments and beyond.  Their engagement has been an essential component of our success on this journey. 

Throughout this first year of Beebe’s journey, team members have shared the many ways trauma awareness education positively impacts their interactions with patients, visitors, coworkers, their own families, and the community at large.

Many shared that it was new information and they now have a different perspective on the actions and reactions of patients and others. Trauma-informed care can create a more welcoming environment for all, patients and staff alike. This trauma-informed journey aligns with both Beebe’s organizational culture and values.