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Beebe Healthcare Updates Visitor Restrictions; All Required to Wear Face Covering

Beebe Healthcare locations throughout Sussex County continue to have visitor restrictions and face coverings are required at all care sites.

Beebe has thoughtfully made these choices. Evidence-based guidance from the CDC and Delaware Division of Public Health show that wearing a face covering and physical distancing can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

While most visitor restrictions remain in effect, patients who arrive at Beebe’s emergency departments at the Margaret H. Rollins Lewes Campus and at the South Coastal Health Campus may now have one well visitor. This does not apply if the patient is COVID-19 positive or coming for COVID-19 testing.

The visitor may not leave the emergency department or swap with another visitor. Additionally, if the patient is admitted, the visitor may not join the patient in the inpatient area unless it is a pediatric patient.

Special circumstances do allow for visitation at the hospital or at a Beebe Medical Group location. If there are additional questions, contact your provider prior to your visit.


One healthy visitor is permitted as follows:

  • Pediatric patients – (second visitor allowed in the OR waiting room as well)
  • Patients on comfort care
  • Specialty physician outpatient visits
  • Labor and delivery
  • Patients undergoing procedure or surgical procedure including urgent or emergent surgery.

Limiting visitors and the amount of people in waiting rooms also helps provide a safe, physically-distanced area for our patients at Beebe locations.

“We’re grateful that you chose Beebe to be your care provider. It is a privilege we take very seriously,” said David A. Tam, MD, MBA, FACHE, President & CEO, Beebe Healthcare. “We understand the comfort of having a loved one or friend with you during a lab or imaging appointment, or accompanying you to the hospital or physician visit, but for the safety of all, it is vital that we follow these guidelines until it is safe for Beebe Healthcare to ease restrictions. All should be wearing a face covering to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19 to one another. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.”


Why these measures are important

On June 1, Beebe began its recovery phase with the reactivation of elective procedures and scheduled lab and imaging appointments.

Within our recovery phases, adhering to the advice from the state and CDC is one of our main objectives to provide a safe place to receive care so that a second resurgence of the virus does not occur, and Sussex’s beaches and economy can flourish in the new normal this summer.


What to expect

Part of the new normal and Beebe’s recovery phase is that all outpatient services such as lab and imaging require an appointment. This allows Beebe to maintain physical distancing in common areas, which sometimes will include car-based registration and waiting at some locations. A physician order is required to make an appointment.

With an order, call 302-645-3278 to schedule your lab or imaging appointment. With an order, call 302-645-3933 to schedule your physical rehabilitation appointment.

Here are some other things to expect when coming to a Beebe care location:

  • Everyone should wear a mask or face covering
  • You can expect to be asked COVID-19 screening questions, such as whether you have been sick or been around others who might be sick
  • You can expect to have your temperature taken
  • You can expect to see Plexiglas dividers at some stations and visual cues on the floor to encourage physical distancing
  • You may be asked to call when you arrive, or complete registration in your car

Continued visitors restrictions are in place. If you are coming in for a procedure where you will be under anesthesia, the person driving you will remain in the waiting area. Beebe continues it’s no visitor policy for those who are admitted to the hospital, except in the cases mentioned above. Your surgery team will inform you of what to expect in your specific situation.

“We have thoughtfully added additional evidence-based safety measures at our locations, including Plexiglas at registration desks and visual cues as a reminder of physical distancing,” said Dr. Tam. “We still need the community to work together by adhering to the requirements for face coverings and our visitor policy during this new normal. Together, we can continue to slow this pandemic and continue recovery as a community.”