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Beebe Medical Center Off-Site Locations Are All Open Again Beginning 10/31/12

Beebe Medical Center announces that beginning on October 31, 2012, all locations and departments will be fully operational with normal schedules. As well as the main campus and hospital departments and services, these include:

Beebe Outpatient Surgery Center and Same Day Surgery
Beebe Imaging
Beebe Lab Express
Wound Care and Diabetes Management in Long Neck
Beebe Physician Network offices and services
Tunnell Cancer Center
Cardiac Rehab
Beebe Rehab Services
Gull House
Beebe Home Health

Please call Beebe Medical Center’s Pre-Arrival Department at 302-645-FAST (3278) to reschedule missed or canceled appointments.

Beebe team members did an outstanding job as always during the weather crisis, working together as a team. They are amazing!

The staff that came in yesterday during the storm stayed overnight. More than 140 team members required sleeping accommodations consisting of their own air mattresses and linens, hospital air mattresses and linens and some open patient beds as well. Day shift team members came in at their regular times yesterday except for a few who stayed over on Sunday night to make sure they were here for early shifts yesterday morning. All later shift team members came in earlier yesterday afternoon so they were safe on the roads. Leadership (directors, managers and executive staff) staff volunteered to staff in 12-hour shifts and longer, the emergency command center, which opened at 5 p.m. on Sunday evening and stayed open straight through the storm until 10 a.m. today.