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Nigerian Delegates Tour Beebe Facilities

A small group of Nigerian delegates, along with the Delaware African and Caribbean Coalition (DACC), toured Beebe Healthcare facilities on Wednesday. The DACC setup the meeting as the Nigerian representatives were looking to tour facilities to gain insights on ways to improve their own facilities, delivery of healthcare, and education of healthcare professionals. The group toured the Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing, including the simulation labs used by nursing students. Beebe's new South Coastal Health Campus was also toured thanks to the leadership at the emergency department. 


Nigerian delegates

​​​​​​Kim Blanch, RN, Director of Community Outreach, takes a photo with, left to right, Holly Marvel, Manager Population Health; Dr. Cindy Siu; Hon. Wemi Jones Ojo, Commissioner for Education, Science, and Technology, Kogi State Nigeria; Hon. Anthony Alonwu, Minister of Trade & Investment & Multilateral of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the United States; Thomas Hne Grant – President, DACC, Haji Dukuray; Vice President, DACC.

Not pictured in the photo above but who also were part of the tour: Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia, Chair of Kogi State Project, Chair of Education & Culture for DACC; Jimmy Smith, Parliamentarian, DACC.
Beebe tour lobby


Delegates tour