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Paradise Grill Flounder Pounder Raises Funds for Beebe’s Tunnell Cancer Center


Flounder Pounder group
The 2019 Flounder Pounder held in August 2019 raised $15,500 for Beebe Healthcare’s Tunnell Cancer Center.
Every boat entry contributed $50 along with a portion of the winnings from several participants.
“We are honored to partner with Paradise Grill & Marina and Short’s Marine each year to raise awareness in our community to support Tunnell Cancer Center. Sussex County continues to grow and so does the need for our oncology services and thankfully every year the Flounder Pounder grows and raises more money. It is a win-win,” said Tom Protack, President, Beebe Medical Foundation. “It is exciting every year at the awards ceremony, to see the faces of the winners when they know they are helping ‘pound away at cancer’ through their participation in the Flounder Pounder.”
The Flounder Pounder Open, hosted by Paradise Grill & Marina and Short’s Marine, is the largest flounder tournament in the world. This year’s tournament will be held Wednesday, August 12, through Sunday, August 16. Participants may fish three of the five days. Prize monies have increased again this year for $302K in the 302!
“It is creative community partners, like Paradise Grill & Marina and Short’s Marine, who make Beebe so successful. Every year these supporters come up with new and creative ways to get the community to come out and support our cancer center, whether it be the Flounder Pounder, Crush Contest, Crushing Cancer 5K, or the Boat Show,” said Amy Popovich, Event Coordinator, Beebe Medical Foundation. “We are truly lucky to have such great community supporters who partner with us to make a huge impact in Sussex County.”
“We are honored to choose the Tunnell Cancer Center as our beneficiary every year. My family has been touched by cancer and many of our event participants have loved one struggling cancer. Cancer is one of those things that unfortunately most people have to deal with at one time or another in their lives. The Flounder Pounder is a great opportunity for us to have some fun fishing while raising money that stays here in Sussex County,” said Al Tortella, Owner, Paradise Grill and Marina.
“As a business, we encourage our residents to shop and buy local, so we are committed to giving locally to Beebe. As Beebe grows to meet our needs, it is important that we grow our giving to support them. The Flounder Pounder is a wonderful event that gives lots of people the opportunity to support the Tunnell Cancer Center,” said Juli Short, Owner, Short’s Marine.
Photo (l-r): Sandy Samsel, Paradise Grill & Marina; Julie Short, Short’s Marine; Johnny Davidson, Paradise Grill & Marina; Kristen Collins, Paradise Grill & Marina; Al Tortella, Paradise Grill & Marina; Tom Protack, Beebe Medical Foundation;, Barry Hamp, Beebe Medical Foundatio;, J.J. Roth, Paradise Grill & Marina; Kay Young, Beebe Medical Foundation; Robert Tunnell III, Tunnell Companies; Lincoln Davis, Tunnell Companies; Diane Barlow, Beebe Medical Foundation.