Beebe Medical Center Honors Dannie Card with the “You Make a Difference” Award for March

Dannie Card earns Beebe Medical Center’s “You Make a Difference” Award for March.

Dannie Card, a security officer at Beebe Medical Center, has been honored with the “You make a Difference” Award for March

As a member of Beebe’s dedicated Security Officers, Dannie, for the past four years, has been a loyal friend and a responsible, detail-oriented team member. He has mentored new candidates within the Department and participated in many worthwhile community endeavors.

Serving as an enthusiastic ambassador for Beebe’s Security Department, he did the following:
• Transported team members and community members to Beebe and returned them to the safety of their homes and shelters during Hurricane Sandy;
• Transported team members during State of Emergency snowstorms;
• Assisted team members on several occasions to change their tires during inclement weather conditions;
• Chaperoned youth events at the Midway Assembly of God and sponsored candidates in Defensive Driving seminars.

Beebe Medical Center’s “You Make a Difference” (YMAD) employee recognition program, which was established in 2002, gives employees the opportunity to recognize their colleagues for outstanding service. The program is similar to an employee of the month program, but 18 employees can be selected annually. Each nomination, submitted by fellow employees or management, must meet specific criteria, and is evaluated by the YMAD committee. Winners are announced in a surprise ceremony in which the committee visits the winner in his or her department and presents the award. Employees selected for the award receive:

Parking space with sign/plaque for a month
$100 check
Letter of congratulations and personal visit from Jeffrey Fried, Beebe president and CEO
Photo for wall plaque on hall outside of cafeteria
Special pin for badge
Letter to team member’s director and department recognition

Caption: Dannie Card earns Beebe Medical Center’s “You Make a Difference” Award for March.

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