Beebe Healthcare Seeks Art to Enhance South Coastal Health Campus

Beebe Healthcare is seeking art to enhance the new South Coastal Health Campus. This Art Solicitation Request outlines the process and background information for the selection of artwork for Beebe Healthcare’s  new South Coastal Health Campus.   

About the new South Coastal Health Campus 

Beebe Healthcare, located in Lewes, Delaware, is expanding its services that brings a state-of-the-art cancer center along with a freestanding emergency department to the Millville area. Beebe broke ground in November 2018, and the emergency department and cancer center is scheduled to open in the summer of 2020. Beebe's South Coastal Art Committee is seeking approximately 25 wall hung art pieces to be reproduced on aluminum. Art will hang in lobbies, hallways, waiting areas, conference rooms, and clinical areas.



Art Selection

Art shall be selected based on its suitability for a healing environment.  This is often a highly stressful environment for patients and guests.  Selected artwork shall positively affect viewers, even promoting a calming response from them. Viewing familiar surroundings can help reduce stress and build a sense of security and comfort. Artwork that has threatening imagery, can be perceived as dangerous,  controversial, political or religious imagery will not be considered.   

Beebe shall select artwork that will comprise a curated collection. This collection will be curated by the South Coastal Art Advisory Committee. The Committee shall use the following guidelines for selection  (in no particular order or priority): 

  • landscapes (regional, generic, or seasonal)
  • waterscapes (regional, generic, or seasonal), preferably with calm or non‐turbulent water
  • floral (familiar flowers, garden/bouquet style)  
  • flowers in vases (used sparingly for variety)   
  • figurative art (observational rather than interpersonal, people in positive relaxed nature  surroundings, diverse, leisurely, etc.) 
  • Still‐life 
  • Nature themes with regional and/or historical imagery. 


Guidelines for Submissions  

Please note the following: 

  • Priority will be given to local artists and other artists with a strong connection to the local  community.  
  • Selected art shall be wall hung and printed on aluminum.  
  • Artists shall submit images of their artwork on the website (  Please post the submissions to the “Beebe Healthcare Art Submission” file.  
  • Artists are allowed to submit up to ten pieces.   
  • Selected pieces will need to be provided in a large format to fit the space. A minimum file size of  24,000 pixels shall be provided to allow appropriate scaling for printing. 
  • To insure compatibility within a healthcare environment, electronic images of the artwork will be  procured.  Selected pieces will then be forwarded to a pre‐selected printer to produce. The printer  and Beebe will assume responsibility for printing and mounting the selected pieces.
  • No physical submissions of art will be accepted during the evaluation process.  
For more information or to submit artwork:

All purchases and/or donations are required to be outright and unconditional such that art may be used  at the discretion of Beebe. Title to all acquisitions shall be free and clear, without restriction on use or  future disposition. Please note selected artist who donate art will be sent an acknowledgement letter  describing their gift of art without a dollar value.  

Please email any questions to 

Projected Timeline
  • September 15, 2019  Submittals to be posted on
  • October 2019            Determine awards/purchases and accept donations
  • November 2019         Issue award/acceptance notifications  
  • November / December 2019    Artist/print production  
  • January / February 2020    Installation of all artwork phase 
  • Spring 2020         Opening event at facility  

Please email any questions to