Beebe Healthcare Announces Beebe HealthyBack, A Comprehensive Treatment Solution for People with Chronic Back and Neck Pain

Beebe Healthcare is proud to announce Beebe HealthyBack, a comprehensive treatment solution for patients who suffer from chronic back and neck pain. Beebe HealthyBack was formed through a joint venture with Pure HealthyBack, whose mission is to redefine the way back and neck pain is treated in the United States.

Beebe HealthyBack is a physician-driven, person-centered treatment program unlike any other for patients suffering from chronic back and neck pain. Those who complete the program report significant increases in function and quality of life and decreases in pain. Patients often say, “I got my life back!” when they are able to walk, dance, hike, play and run again for the first time in years.

The Beebe HealthyBack clinic, which will be located in the College Park Medical Pavilion in Georgetown, has been architecturally designed to welcome patients with a tranquil, spa-like setting for those who commit to the comprehensive treatment and wellness experience.

Physical therapists guide patients to strengthen their muscles and increase range of motion using Pure HealthyBack’s proprietary FDA-registered medical equipment with results affirmed by 25 years of scientific research in top medical journals.

In addition to a medical director and physical therapists, the health care team that supports and guides HealthyBack patients includes: a health coach, a wellness coach, physical therapy assistants and technicians. The team’s goal is to functionally restore patients’ muscles by improving strength and mobility and to work with patients to address other health issues that contribute to success, such as stress and weight management, heart health, and more.

“Chronic back and neck pain costs the U.S. health care system over $100 billion every year,” said Beebe Healthcare President and CEO Jeffrey Fried, FACHE. “These costs trickle down to the local level as well; we would like to get these costs under control. For this reason and because this program has proven results with patients, we believe that offering this to the community will provide great value. It also supports our vision in helping to make Sussex County one of the healthiest counties in the nation.”

Pure HealthyBack President Jim Evanger believes this partnership is a strong fit for the two organizations. “Beebe Healthcare is committed to providing exceptional quality to Southern Delaware,” he said. “Together, we are certain that we will improve outcomes and quality of life for those who suffer from chronic back and neck pain while reducing costs for both patients and providers.” 

The grand opening of Beebe HealthyBack is planned for Spring 2014. Beebe HealthyBack will begin scheduling patient appointments in January. For more information on the Beebe HealthyBack, please call (302) 645-3983.

Beebe Healthcare is a not-for-profit community healthcare system with a charitable mission to encourage healthy living, prevent illness and restore optimal health for the people residing, working or visiting the communities we serve. It offers multiple services throughout Southern Delaware including a 210-licensed-bed hospital, a cancer center, and outpatient facilities at multiple sites providing lab, imaging, physical rehab services, and walk-in care. For more information, please visit us online at

Pure HealthyBack is changing the lives of those who suffer from chronic back and neck pain.  The Pure Solution uses no needles, drugs or surgery, and it is unlike other treatments. Patients who complete the comprehensive treatment program consistently report significant relief from pain and increases in function, strength, mobility and quality of life. Pure HealthyBack, which is based in Orlando, has a mission to redefine the way back and neck pain is treated in the U.S. For more information, please visit