Latest Medicare “Hospital Compare” Report shows Beebe Medical Center a High Quality and Cost Efficient Provider

Beebe Medical Center stands out as a hospital that provides high quality patient care at an efficient cost, the latest U.S. Government report evaluating care at hospitals throughout the nation reveals.

Detailed information on everything from patient infection rates and serious complications to how patients are treated during a heart attack, a bout of pneumonia, or in a surgical procedure is spelled out in the Medicare Hospital Compare web pages found at Details available today summarize the results of the latest complete fiscal year -- from July 2010 to June 2011.

The details show that Beebe Medical Center, in general, rates either better than the national rate or at the national rate in dozens of specific, measures related to quality and safety. Beebe Medical Center rates better than the national benchmark for the amount of money that is spent per patient on each episode of care. The spending benchmark, referred to on the website as “Medicare Payment,” was added to the report this year.

“We are extremely proud that the information on patient outcomes that Medicare collects and publicly reports shows Beebe Medical Center provides high quality medical care,” says Jeffrey M. Fried, FACHE, President and CEO of Beebe Medical Center. “This reflects the continual commitment and dedication by the Beebe Medical Center staff, physicians and leadership to improving the health and quality of life of our patients and their families and caregivers.

“The recently added cost benchmarking also is extremely important. It shows that a hospital such as ours can provide high quality care and still focus on being cost effective. With healthcare reform and the growing focus on controlling healthcare costs, we cannot forget that we have to find a way to provide high quality, cost effective medical care and still serve our community."

Hospital Compare was created by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (referred to as Medicare or CMS) and the Hospital Quality Alliance (HQA), a public-private collaboration with a goal of making medical information available to the public. Consumers using the website can easily compare the quality of services between more than one hospital so that they can decide where they want to be treated.

Ann Smith, BS, RN, CPHQ, Director of Quality at Beebe Medical Center, regularly receives the information Medicare collects in regards to Beebe Medical Center patient outcomes so that she and her team of medical professionals can share the information with Beebe’s clinical staff.

“We continually obtain information on our patient outcomes and on best practices for evidence-based medicine,” she explained. “This allows us to constantly evaluate how we give care and how we can improve our processes.”

Smith also is a member of Beebe’s Utilization Review Committee, headed up by Michael Salvatore, MD, a long-time Lewes pulmonologist and critical care specialist. The committee, which includes physicians, nurses and case managers, continually evaluates the care patients receive at the hospital and how it can be improved. They analyze the data from Medicare that reveals how patients are doing weeks and months after they have been discharged following a procedure or surgery at the hospital.

“The report on Hospital Compare allows consumers to see how we rate. The same data on which it is based allows us to improve the care that we provide,” says Paul Minnick, RN, MSN, NEA-BC, Vice President of Patient Care Services. “We have formed several nurse leadership committees, including one that focuses on quality, that review the reports we receive from our hospital Quality team and use the information to develop improved processes and procedures so that we continually offer our patients the best care available.”

More information can be found on the Hospital Compare website:

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