Patient sends Beebe Medical Center email Recognizing Nurse Brenda Klink for her response at an Accident Scene

Dear Mr. Fried,

I would like to recognize an outstanding nurse for going above and beyond the call of duty. At about 8 a.m. on Saturday, August 11, my boyfriend Robert and I were involved in a motor vehicle crash on our way to the shore for vacation. A bicyclist pulled out in front of our vehicle on Route 1, causing me to swerve to avoid striking him. It was raining and our car slid off of the highway and rolled over onto the passenger's side.

Several motorists stopped to offer assistance, including RN Brenda Klink, who was on her way home after working night shift at Beebe Medical Center. After the car came to a stop, I carefully opened my driver's side door and unfastened my seat belt. As I looked out at the group of people who had stopped to help us, Brenda came forward with her arms outstretched, took my hands and asked if we were okay. With my permission, she instructed me on how to safely exit the vehicle, and helped me climb out. As a nurse myself, I observed Brenda confidently assessing the situation and developing the best plan to help us. Brenda remained calm, providing the sense of warmth and caring we were very much in need of at the time.

As I was having pain in my neck, Brenda instructed me on maintaining proper body alignment while several people helped me to lie on the ground. Brenda then assisted Robert and our two dogs out of the car, continuing to assess us all for potential injuries. As emergency responders arrived at the scene, Brenda and the other passers-by assured us that we would be okay. They held umbrellas to shield us from the rain, offering support and assistance in any way they could. We were moved by the caring and generosity of this group of strangers; some on their way to and from vacations, like us, and some local community members running errands or on their daily commute, like Brenda.

As police and EMTs tended to Robert and I, one of our concerns was what would happen to our dogs while we were at the hospital. Police officers assured us that Boomer and Logan would be taken to the local SPCA and cared for until we could pick them up. We were very grateful for this offer, knowing that our furry family members would be kept safe. However, we were slightly concerned that our dogs, both shelter survivors, might be a bit scared or stressed upon returning to a shelter environment without us. Reading our concerned expressions, Brenda stepped in once again and offered to care for our dogs until we left the hospital. Normally we would be hesitant to turn our pets over to a stranger, but we trusted Brenda as she had already done so much to help us. A few hours later, after receiving care at the local emergency department, we called Brenda to update her on our situation. She assured us that the dogs were doing well, and had made themselves quite comfortable in her home. She even offered to drive us to our car to retrieve our belongings while we waited for a family member to pick us up.

When we arrived at her home to pick up the dogs, Brenda refused to accept any compensation for her trouble. We are so very thankful for all of her kindness and generosity. We want to acknowledge Brenda Klink for going out of her way to help people she had never met get through a difficult day. It is rare in today's world to meet someone as selfless and empathetic as Brenda. We will always remember how much she helped us that day, and will strive to follow her example of helping others in need. Brenda deserves recognition for her commitment to helping all members of her community, human and canine, in her professional practice and in her everyday life. Beebe Medical Center is fortunate to have such an outstanding nurse who undoubtedly serves as a role model for other healthcare professionals. Please share our story, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need any further information.


Veronica Barndt, Robert Little, Boomer, and Logan
Whitehall, PA