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Beebe Healthcare Announces New Clinical Laboratory Leadership

Submitted by Rachel on
Beebe Healthcare announces new leadership in the Clinical Laboratory, headquartered at the Medical Center in Lewes. Rosemarie “Ro” Pruden Rosmarin, PhD, is the new Director of Laboratory Operations...

CPR can save a life

Submitted by Rachel on
Register now for free community CPR classes As part of Beebe Healthcare’s mission to encourage healthy living and prevent illness, educators will be providing free community CPR classes...

Pay Attention on the Beach

Submitted by Rachel on
Respect the power of the waves Summer means tens of thousands of people are visiting Delaware beaches. They are strolling on the boardwalk and spreading out in the sand with towels, chairs, umbrellas...

Heat-related Illness is a Real Danger

Submitted by Rachel on
Prevent a Trip to the Emergency Department Beebe Healthcare Emergency Department has seen its share of heat-related illness this summer. Emergency doctors are urging community members to be aware of...

Prevent Drowning This Summer

Submitted by Rachel on
Column: Drowning happens quickly and quietly: Learn how to keep children safe By Stacey G. Fox, MD FAAP When you’re at the beach, waterpark, or backyard pool with your kids, drowning may not be the...

Beebe Healthcare to open Beebe Weekend Walk-In Care in Lewes

Submitted by Susan Towers on
To provide additional healthcare services to the people living, working, and visiting our local community, Beebe Healthcare has opened a temporary Beebe Weekend Walk-In Care location at 1526 Savannah...