Surviving Cancer

Beebe Cancer Services provides quality care & COMPASSION, close to home.

Statistics vary by type of cancer, but, overall, more and more people are surviving cancer and going on to lead productive lives. In fact, nationally, there are 12 million survivors and growing. And the rates are increasing virtually every year. Surviving cancer is different from being treated successfully for many other types of disease, however. You may need ongoing care for symptoms related to your treatment as well as preventative care.

Your Tunnell Cancer Center team will design a comprehensive survivorship plan to address all of your physical and emotional needs. Your plan may include everything from screenings and diet regimens to support groups and lifestyle recommendations.

Yes, cancer will impact your life physically and emotionally, but never forget that it is a disease; it is not who you are. Here at the Tunnell Cancer Center, we meet many wonderful people who happen to have a common problem — a diagnosis of cancer. Each one is an individual who deserves our respect and kindness in addition to our medical expertise. Respecting your individual dignity is our pledge to you.

You're in good hands.

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