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The Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing at Beebe Healthcare prepares graduates who are eligible for licensure as a graduate nurse and exhibit the following competencies:

  1. Integrate knowledge gained from the related sciences and nursing courses to provide comprehensive culturally competent care to individuals of all ages, levels of wellness, and n a variety of healthcare settings.
  2. Adopt new and previously learned skills and procedures to meet the needs of patients in all healthcare settings.
  3. Evaluate critical thinking skills, the nursing process, and evidence-based practice/best practice standards when providing patient care in all healthcare settings.
  4. Facilitate therapeutic communication when interacting with individuals, families, groups, and healthcare team members of all cultural backgrounds.
  5. Implement individualized teaching to meet the needs of individuals, families, and groups of all cultural backgrounds.
  6. Utilize resources within the community to meet the needs of individuals, families, and groups.
  7. Collaborate with members of the healthcare team to promote, maintain, and restore individual, family, and community health.
  8. Practice nursing within the framework of ethical principles and legal standards.
  9. Practice accountability in all healthcare settings.