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Student Testimonials

Now that you are a nursing student at Margaret H. Rollins School of Nursing at Beebe Healthcare, what do you love about the school?

“The School of Nursing has a very hands-on style, which is very appealing.”

“The School of Nursing gives you a more hands-on and more, clinical, experience than I found at any other nursing school.”

“We have small class sizes—more one-on-one time with the instructor.” “The School of Nursing has an excellent reputation, even at Johns Hopkins.”

“Beebe's reputation is why I chose to come here—Beebe has a higher board-passage rate than other schools.” “Financial aid counseling and scholarships are readily available here.”

“The admission process went very smoothly, not rough at all, and I had constant correspondence from the Admission Office.”

“What I love about The School of Nursing is that there's a mutual respect and an open-door policy with the instructor.”

“I feel like I'm being really prepared well.”

“Beebe tells its students how to treat the whole person—physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

“People seem proud of their decision to come here—Beebe has such an excellent reputation.”

What about your clinical experience?

“There's no greater feeling than that you've made a difference in someone's life.”

“When I treat someone, I ask myself how I would like to be treated if I get into this situation someday.”

“It's not an all-women field anymore. Men need to see how fulfilling this can be.”

“I will not lose the fact that this is a real person. I will not become calloused.”

“Wow! This is what I'm here for! It's very exciting to work with a patient for the first time. It's the first step.”

“You're so excited when you can do something new.”

“You feel very comfortable because you KNOW what you need to know.”

What do you like about the area?

“Being at the beach and by the outlets is an added bonus.”

“Lewes is homey; I love the atmosphere.”