Spine Surgery Education

Beebe's Board Certified spine surgeons have been collaborating with surgical and orthopaedic staff to continually improve and expand Beebe's Spine Surgery program.

In 2013, Beebe Healthcare began offering an education class specifically for patients to prepare for spine surgery. This class provides patients with important information and guidance to help them remain safe and avoid falling, have a quicker recovery, and experience the best possible outcomes. Below is some information covered in the class. Schedule your class 1-2 weeks prior to surgery. For additional information, download the PDFs below.

Preparing For Surgery

Make sure your home is ready for you to return from surgery. The most important part of post-surgery care is safety. Remove items you may trip over. Set up a bed on the first floor if you prefer and make sure family and pets are ready for your return. Pets should not be sleeping in bed with patients after surgery. Other precautions to take include: 

  • Pick up throw rugs
  • Have a chair with arms
  • Move frequently used items to waist level
  • Remove clutter/ arrange furniture
  • Keep areas well lit
  • Prepare food ahead of time
  • Set up your support system for when you are discharged to home.
  • Eat a healthy well-balanced diet for optimal healing

After Surgery
Recovering after spine surgery can be a long process. Make sure your family and friend support system is ready to help you. Most patients experience pain and difficulty performing daily tasks, including:

  • Walking
  • Sitting
  • Bending
  • Sleeping
  • Driving
  • Dressing 
  • Bathing
  • Toileting
  • Household tasks


  • Smoking decreases your body’s ability to heal
  • Talk with your surgeon now about quitting smoking
  • Beebe Healthcare is a smoke-free campus

Stress-Free Surgery
Many people are apprehensive about surgery. To help ease stress associated with surgery, Beebe Healthcare’s Integrative Health service offers a stress-less surgery program with three components:  

  • A relaxing guided imagery CD with musicThe Successful Surgery CD by Belleruth Naparstek may be purchased for under $20 in the Beebe Auxiliary Gift Shop on the first floor of the hospital. 
  • Aromatherapies for stress and  nauseaIndividual vials of Lavender Essential Oil for relaxation and Peppermint Essential Oil for nausea are available free of charge at the Integrative Health office on the first floor of the hospital.  Call (302) 645-3528 to arrange for pick-up.
  • Self-applied acupressure for post-surgical nauseaThough few people have post surgical nausea, some sensitive people may choose to  use a self -applied acupressure patch to aid in recovery. The patch is a small piece of adhesive covering a tiny ball placed over a Korean K-K9 acupressure point for chemical nausea.  The point is on the palm side of either ring finger just below the end joint.  The patch is self-applied and pressed for one minute about  thirty minutes before surgery, then as needed after surgery for up to two days. The acu-patch is available free of charge at the Integrative Health office on the first floor of the hospital.  Call (302) 645-3528 to arrange for pick-up.

    A review of the medical literature indicates that the people who prepare for surgery have less pain, fewer complications and faster recovery. This results in reduced hospitalization costs and other medical expenses.

Beebe's Integrative Health Department is here to help you have a stress-free surgery and recovery. Find out more about integrative health and how it can help you here. 

For more information or to attend a Spinal Surgery Orientation Class, call Orthopaedic Service Line Nurses: Melissa Heldreth, RN, or Betty Hughes, RN, at (302) 645-3104.

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