This page features stories about Beebe Healthcare, Beebe Medical Foundation, our communities, and our patients.

Celebrating Excellent Care are (l-r) Mary Ellen South, Jane Smith, Chaplain Keith Goheen and Tom Protack, vice president of development, Beebe Medical Foundation. SUBMITTED PHOTO

Teaching Others to Serve

There is a champion of compassion working at Beebe’s Medical Center in downtown Lewes. He doesn't wear a cape; instead he...Read more

Emilie and those who helped with her care.

“It’s never too late to celebrate!”

Almost a year ago, Emilie Paternoster received some bad news about her health. She was informed that she could have thyroid...Read more

Shown Celebrating Excellent Care are (l-r) some of the Beebe team members who cared for Michele: Dr. Firas El Sabbagh, Sol Oxman, Michele Seiler and Sherry Daisey.

Nurses never get sick

Michele Seiler begins by sharing, "There are several angles to my story. First, I'm a nurse, and nurses never get sick. I...Read more

Michael Roob and Jack Wood at home near Lewes.

Michael Roob: Tunnell Cancer Center Helped Bring Me Out of My Shell

Michael Roob found out he had cancer during a routine Prostate-Specific Antigen or PSA test. This blood test screens men for...Read more

Marshall family welcomes two new Beebe Babies.

Marshall Family welcomes two more Beebe Babies

Long-time Lewes family, the Marshalls, can count their Beebe Babies back to the early days of Beebe. At the end of July,...Read more

Thomas Pierce enjoys golfing, but makes sure to wear sunscreen and cover his skin.

Thomas Pierce: My Life with Skin Cancer

An avid outdoorsman and golfer, Tom Pierce has had multiple spots removed on his skin due to basal cell and squamous skin...Read more

Ken Turoczy changed his life and health with Ornish Lifestyle Medicine at Beebe.

Ken Changed His Life and Health with Ornish

More than 25 years ago, Ken Turoczy, a part-time real estate agent living near Rehoboth Beach, had a heart attack. At the...Read more

Celebrating Excellent Care are (l-r) Phil Donahue, Nurse Practitioner Charlene Madanat, Marion Donahue, Anne Villalobos, RN, Sherry Daisey, RN and Dr. Robert Myers, interventional cardiologist.

‘It was like we were the only people in the hospital!’

Marion Donahue shares her story with excitement and great appreciation for everyone who was a part of her care at Beebe...Read more

VanScivers with the Beebe Orthopaedics Team

Celebrating Excellent Orthopaedic Care

Futurist Joel Barker once said, “Vision without action is only a dream; action without vision is just a waste of time; but...Read more

Beebe Vascular doctors: Dr. Neves, Dr. Ryan, and Dr. Katz, with Nancy Katz, Ron and Karen Drosdzal.

Beebe Healthcare – A Hospital of Choice in a Stroke Emergency

Ron Drosdzal is absolutely certain: “I’m the luckiest person on the face of this earth – from a medical standpoint, that is...Read more